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Hands Up!

Where is the news media, where are the protesters, where is Al Sharpton, where is the President.......

Over 7,000 Blacks killed EACH year, by other Blacks....

BLACK people kill each other each year at a higher rate than the TOTAL amounts of recorded lynchings in the history of America!
http://www.vpc.org/studies/blackh omicide10.pdf
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lync hing_in_the_United_States

Strange fruit! Blacks literally lynch each other every year more than the entire history of racial lynchings, combined!


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wow! where was all that sand from?
I am still not convinced about it's molecular composition. Feels like soft fluffy pollen.
Other then the fine yellow dust, the carb was clean and dry, as if the 'dusty fellas' preserved the carb from the elements. :smirk:
Very weird and a first for me. -BIG DAN:thumb: