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The little Rat Terriers are getting bigger. Probably keeping 1-2 and clearing out the rest of them, including parents. This one so far is on the super mellow side. The only brown and white is mr. adventurous! So far, mom thinks the names should be Mustang and Sally. I like Heckle and Jeckle. After all, grandpa is Turbo, moms is Nitrous, and dad is Jet.
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We are done with this breeding thing. Time to move on and retire.
I thought rat terriers had a less squished in face than that? Maybe it's just the way they look right now? idk

We had some friends who were an older couple. They started off with one rat terrier they adopted as an adult, then another as a puppy, then suddenly they decided they should adopt an entire litter of them. I think they had like 6 puppies then the 2 older ones. So cute.
Yep, they all squishy right now, then at about 3-4 months the ears stick up and the nose pushes out. I love the rats, mom is at home all day and just gets overwhelmed. If I was retired and not planning on travel, I would do the same as your friends. Keep em all.
I took two of my wee Scottish terriers to the commonwealth games only too see Scotland get pumped in the netball but had a great night out and even got to witness the games mascot Clyde nearly get nicked for winding up the rozzers ;-)
Luca and Ciara flying the flag for bonnie Scotland
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And me n the kids with Clyde.
Excuse me oriffice whits the time mate????
Whit was that ya cheeky bastard?????
Only in Glasgow!!
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Can I ask What excites you about Hillary?

Who Me???
Yes.... you can :thumb:

Best candidate for president that we have had in over 16yrs. Has Whitehouse experience, Familiar with all the rules and has way more experience dealing with foreign policies and heads of state. Hillary doesn't really give in to too much crap. Stood her ground on many things and wasn't easily swayed. I don't think she'll be a great President but she would be a good one. Much better than this idiot currently in office.