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It's a ford! AKA door slammer, fix or repair daily, fucked on race day, found on road dead.
You know what Pontiac stands for?
Probably just not shut all the way.
And here I always thought is was "First on Race Day." Personally I really like the "Found on Road Dead." :lol:
i use to use all those silly puns for FORD as well.... until the day that they DID NOT take a handout from our .gov like the rest of em. that day was the day i gave them the respect they deserved and went from a chevy owner to a ford and will no longer use those silly puns for FORD.

thank you and have a good day!!!!
I will use them all day long for anything they fit in, they are just that.... Puns.... Like anything, all tongue & cheek.....

Take Obama GM motors and look at all the recalls.. Piles of shit!!!