Random Photos

Water, tools, jerky, granola bar but rarely do I ever eat, but you never know what or how long you may be stuck out on the trail. Plus the boys ride with me and I like have something for them if they want something. @Rack don't forget your manpon :smirk:

Starbucks, banana, another banana, ring dings, cupcakes, a hoagie, 1/2 bottle water, some cookies, pop tarts, pistachio nuts, fruit roll up, and a diet coke.
Back in the late 80's I saw a guy in MXA magazine. Using a handlebar and fender as a hat. I have always thought it was unique. This guy was at the Unadilla National year after year. It seems that there was always a photo of him in the mags. Well while I was at the Unadilla National this past season. I just happened to see him walking around the track. While signing autographs. I had to take a picture of him. Even though I never ask for his name. :(

He's been doing that for 30+ years..... Like captain America.
I wish I had his pic. They show him on the classic cuts and he was at the jersey sx