Random Photos

Yes, but when I did, the speed didn't seem to be much better as if one was in the city. Have things changed?

Edit: So I looked and the speed has come up considerably. $60 bucks a month for 10 gigs though plus tax. Have to think about this some.:thumb:
Does sprint offer 4G in your area? You can get a 4g card and use that for Internet. Plus if you are a credit union member you get unlimited data for $50 a month.
it was a memorable one here this year.
ran out of candy in record time and a horse showed up at my house.

people were taking pics of my dirtbike pumpkin.

the spider projector was a hit

the kid isnt on it now but he was the wring waths (from lord of the rings) on a real horse. kinda hard to ride the horse to the front door :lol: