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I over build my house remodels and put more effort into longevity than most. :thumb: It is under the hardybacker on the floor and tub surround. Plywood is only for the sink cabinet.
Another question is, who is the inspector? :smirk:
i dont know but lets hope he took a good shit the morning he shows up right :smirk:
No more booze for me for a while... spent the weekend in the hospital for bleedong ulcers, severe anemia, hiatail hernia and I was shy 3 pints of blood! Went in for some chest/back pain I thought was gallbladder issues



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Sounds like he's just pissed that he didn't think of doing that...

BTW if the integrity of the object is that important, I'd just go hire a certain minority to move it for me, how's that for working intelligent? :smirk: