Random Photos

This is what happened at our Saturday race. :/ Half track was a nasty hole, Broke the left side battery out of the box and shorted out against the header. Took out the hood release cable too. Luckily the cable had just enough to open the hood once, as it was on fire. Burnt a hole in the headers :cry:
a fun little extrension that has a couple feet of vert.

i keep forgetting his name but this is my new skatepark bmx buddy... he said he already had joined DBA as he is more into riding dirtbikes as well. he just wadded his 250 jumping.

playin with angles..
dam drunk zombies showing up in my front yard.
Speaking of Zombies.... Rob Zombie is creating some kind of Zombie attraction at the Pomona Faiplex for Halooween... they were setting it up while we were there for the off raod expo last weekend... damn figures look so real... and lot of "Zombieattronics"... ought to be pretty good.... coming from him! :eek: