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Looks like the plane is owned by Wells Fargo Bank according the FAA Registry.

Correct. It says Wells Fargo Bank in the L1 door frame. It is operated by KABO LLC. They do the Hajj runs from nigeria to mecca every year.
Like most vehicles/vessels that are financed in one way or another, the bank actually owns the vehicle until the debt is paid.
This is the case in aviation. I think only 2 or 3 companies actually own their own aircraft here in the US.


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This is a buddy's tri-copter :lol: It happened the weekend before I got there, but he said that he was flying it over the track (on a non-riding day) and it crashed. The real kicker is that Davey Coombs (this guy) confiscated it for awhile. :lol: My defense would've been "But...but it's not a laser". Mahaha


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i want a dronefly ....