Random Photos

We dont do sand castles we do sand jumps :smirk:
RC I assume? My brother had a mini brush-less revo and now has the AE RC10 T4.1 with the castle short coarse brush-less system and that thing is awesome! Flat out leaves the brushless rustler in the dust in handling, torque and jumping.
That would pull the 5th wheel down the road...

Yes it would pull it pass others. Actually I dont really drool over the look of it. I find it a bit overbored and dont really care for duallys. Or is that a dually? Not sure what you call the rear wheels side by side like that. But I do like all that power and extra stuff it has.
Can someone photoshop the women out of this pic? Wild weekend and that was it :pout: its ok though shes 43 :smirk:

I want to submit it to Petersons 4 Wheel and Offroad so take the plate off too (make it all grill) Thanks!