Random Photos

Kind of an ignorant statement if you ask me... Because the pins came out easy you both felt compelled to take the door off and go inside! Theres no justifying your actions... period!

I give up..... :lame:..... :focus:.... PLEASE! ..... :deadhorse:

no we went in to take some pics to get you riled up all while bringing the issue to your attention. sure taking a pic of your pins half way out could have done the job but where is the fun in that?
:smirk: Haha...

So now you are ragging on me as to being a whitless geniuos....OK fine, thats it! I am outta here...

I am going back to TT and CafeHusky where I don't act like an whitless ass geniuos. SO :finger:

So, we still on for lunch next week? You're not weasling out of having to pay.... :cool: