Random Photos

Flip-flops, sunglasses, hat, t-shirt, and shorts.
Stupid, yes. But it made for a pretty sweet picture! :smirk:


That's Frank Lettieri when he made a trip to the track after the beach.

As wrong:shocked: as that picture is:naughty: it's also bad ass:thumb:

What would lead a guy to do this?????? Hey, I've got an idea..:thinking:.quick get the clippers, I want you to shave my head...JUST LIKE THIS PICTURE..:prof:....Why? I said do it now or I'll kick your ass..:foul:.....OK, OK, :shocked: no need to be a shit head about it, FINE, I'll do it! :rant:
That Smoke, is pure badassery! :thumb:

If that wasn't a word before...it is now...:prof:

Nice ride Smoke......I get to see them old planes fly over our house almost every weekend on their way to Chino AP...Big gathering of war planes due to the Planes of Fame Museum being there. :thumb: