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Copy and print it! When I become famous you can all say I knew him when. I own the original Travace portrait. :rocker:

after :smirk:

with master cylinder stop :rocker:

improved handling and better feeling brakes along with no longer having to use that stupid bar to hold my hood up

TraV... is that a TC? Is it your wifes car cuz I thought TC's were chick cars..... :smirk: .... JUST KIDDING simmer down TraV.... :cool:
No Rez, thats the new rear wheel drive FC, FS or something like that 24,XXX.XX pure price. OUCH!!!! Bitchen little car, would get me in trouble here in the canyon. My XD is fun enough with all the TRD spention! I can do 90 through my canyon without a yelp from the tyres.
subaru and toyota teamed up and co designed a car... they have been nicknamed "the twins" cause both companys have one that is the same car with minor cosmetic changes.
Scion/toyota in the USA calls it a Scion FR-S (one i have)
Toyota in the rest of the world calls it a Toyota 86
Subaru calls it the BRZ