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woah... thats pretty epic BK.

did you machine the clip housing part yourself ?

i really want some metal arm pieces... but not jsut little ones... like 1 ft and 1/2 ft ones ... maybe a 2 ft one so i can easily do a scorpion cam view.

i wish i had access to a C&C Machine. i would make so many cool as fuck products that work with the gopro
Pull a John Denver and store 55 gal drums of fuel in yoru backyard..... :shocked:..... :eek:...... :loco:
CDA Jr was rambling last night that he needed gas in his truck as it was empty (20+ gallons to fill), so after I left the station, I texted him and asked if he filled his truck up yet (He left for work before me) and he said he did and at the same gas station as this. I asked if he put in 87 and he said yes. I told him about the price I paid and he fell out of his chair. Boy must of been sleeping while getting gas. He then tries to convince his mom to go home and take the bike gas cans and go to the station and fill them up for him so he can take them with him to Havasu tonight :picard: I think he just pushed the wrong button with mom..:lol:
:lol: after our family in Mississippi was devastated from hurricane Katrina my dad filled up two 55 gallon drums and took them on over.

Nice, ....... ahhh go head n just leave em right chare nex to the kitchen do where we set n have our smoke...that way it'll remind me ta put em away... :wow: