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yea its nice and dark inside now :) thats not legal (at least on the sides) so we will see how long it lasts. its a fix it ticket only so no biggie if a cop decides to be a prick to me.
All my cars have all the windows tinted and yes it is not legal in Cali to tint the sides unless it is behind the driver's window. It keeps it cooler in the car and gives it a whole new look. I have not had an issue with tinted windows in all the years I have had them.
stock the day i got it.




complete with lens flare

today the due bill was done and got the tint as dark as they can go.


nice ride trav :thumb:
Nice little scone Trav. I got the little red XD with TRD suspension lowering kit and sway bar and the 5 spoke Spider wheels blackened. I can hammer the canyon at 90MPH without a squeak. She drifts sweet also. A new way to tint is this: elitetint.com and this stuff: http://www.elitetint.com/Ceramic_Tint.html Legal look, keeps car cooler and UV protection.

i cant wait to do some hop ups on it. im already really interested in the TRD exhaust. this car needs more ummmfff under the hood so as soon as shit starts hitting the market for this car i will prolly supe her up. i have seen someone people already have the TRD lowered suspension on this car. It handles so fucking good already its amazing. i tried to get it to let loose and it just hugged with no squeek. I just need to get off that stop light or onto the freeway faster, maybe some more torque to let the wheels loose when i want as well.
Badarse Trav :thumb: By the way, how come all you west coast Dudes are rich?????????
go look up the price on this car..... far from a rich mans vehicle... in fact i think i was laughed at by a guy ina Ferrari today :lol: