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just sold a item for a video game character for real life money...

:lol: fucking amazing... people spend this kind of cash on a item for their character in a video game.
:lol: i know that shit has been going on for a long time. but it was always kind of a black market thing. you were never supposed to do it but people did via ebay or whatnot. now its legit tho and built into the game. fucking amazes me that someone would spend 50 bucks on a Bow for their diablo 3 character. I prolly could have made more... people are paying up to 250 US SQUISH for items
Why is your boat licensed in IN and not IL?:thinking:
I used the previous owners registration intill they ran out.. He told me to.. I guess when he bought the boat he end up having to pay 3800 dollars to get it legal because of back taxes or something ...And i bought the boat off him for 3 grand :lol:.. He told me to run them till they expired so atleast that money wasnt waisted ..... And now i'm just waiting for my numbers to come in.... They sent the paper work back to me because i over paid by 20 cents... So i have to rip that check up and make one out for 20 cents less :picard: