Random Photos

I'd have to say yes to the mullet, shorts are tooooooo short and his buddies shirt is an extra small... cut just below the chin for that oh so special affect. :picard:
CDA Jr and I did a little leg exercising last night on the pedal scooters.

Nice view of the hot, smog filled San Fernando valley.. :)

Almost to the top..

8 miles of grinding up hill and we made it to the top. Now it is a 2.7 mile single track downhill to the truck. :ride:

I kept telling JR the burning legs would be worth it...Does he look like he is having a good time?

I little rock slide, picture is not doing the angle justice.

JR navigating down the slide..

I put the phone away, let off the breaks and enjoyed the downhill. :thumb:

Will need to break out the Helmet Cam on the next outing.:ride: