Random Dirt Bike Riding Videos/Pictures

SO MANY GRASSHOPPERS out here it's at plague levels after a rain!
Glad to see you got some good times in the wet sand.
-BIG DAN:thumb:
Plague level for sure. It reminds me of something right out of the Bible. I was scooping them up with my helmet visor and I had to concentrate on just keeping my mouth shut. Good times :thumb:
Great pics .. Enjoy it while you can ....,
This is exactly what I’m thinking. It’s like you’re inside my head. :eek:
I got good weather pretty much year round ... Never have to winterize , or lay up for weeks / months at a time ..,
Definitly not much pretty scenery either .....,
Finally, after 3 years off. Went to work on the Honda to figure why it quit running, turns out the fuel pump was unplugged lol.
2.6 engine hours and Im pretty sore, but it's like riding a bike, you ne ...wait it IS riding a bike so that stupid saying is finally relevant.