Radiator repair?

Someone posted a place that could repair my radiator but I can't find it? Anyone know where it was that fixes them? I need one straightened.
Rad is a Rad, It as the same design and principle as a car Rad. You should be able to go to any Rad shop in town to get it fixed, besides if you go to some bike shop they will probably charge you more than a standard shop will. When I use to work on ForkLifts we would take all of the forklift Rads to a regular shop. They would fix holes and flush for next to nothing.
Personally, I use "Rads-R-Us". They don't have a fliping clue how to fix a radiator but, they mix an awesome Capt'n Morgan and Coke and you get the latest gossip of what is happening in Bugtussle, Saskatchewan. :thumb: You're welcome.