Radiator Guards

Guys I put my bike down twice this weekend. Once on the ice/mud/rut the bike went down into rut and the radiator hit the hump in the middle of the road. The second time I went down i was log hoppnig and the 4th set of logs got me. The bike went down into a log and the radiator hit the log. So this weekend after riding I noticed I messed up my radiator a little nothing bad but I think I better get something on to protect it for the next time I go down. What do you guys recommend>..........besides not going down.:lol:
Are you guys really going to force me to go to the other site.???? :P

seriously though, I put Work Connections on my sons bike and it took some good hits with no issues. GYTR makes some as well I believe.

Tell the other guys "what's Up?" for me...:P
Wow the bulletproofdesign is cool looking but I just don't know the flatlands look like they would help from side impacts more. (Crashing into a log) What are your thoughts and experiances? The Flatlands are a lot cheaper too.
I installed UnaBiker gaurds on my '02 WR426. They seem to be strong. I did a bit of trimming and tweaking to get them to fit but I expect to do that on anything I buy these days. Comes from years of experience trying to buy stuff that is supposed to bolt right on to my '51 flatfender jeep!