R & R: So it goes likes this yall.

Sounds great.Sounds like a few other guy's want to go.Lailani did good and it only cost one small ding in a front hub.The Plated thing?Never seen any signs.Oh well. Doesn't bother me I'll do it again.You know Come to think about we hit Pipes rd twice.The first time we shot straight across it and stayed on dirt.The second time there was know trail even though I tried to look for one and gave up going throuh bushes.I think it might of been only 1-2 miles of asphalt before we hit Acacia and made a right.We did spend a lot of time in RSC enjoying it.Bitchen place.

Red Ryno N Payloan we can get something going.Can't believe you guy's haven't done this yet. Warning:I'm not the fastest rider and like to break once in awhile.Think I heard you guy's are the fast guys. Maybe that's why I don't get invited on Tim's rides.IDNKW? Lol Maybe he's being stingy.

Thanks everyone for your nice replies.My Pc Is a piece of crap and the report took quite sometime to upload the pics to photobucket.

What's this roost thing everyone is talking about? I don't see no Roost Button!

Thanks everyone.

Bottom left corner ROOST aka Reputation

:prof: James you need to work on the name of that!!!!!!
I pretty much been riding somwhere every weekend and dicthing the Wife and she's been bugging me to take her, so I Finally gave in. The plan was From Johnson's Valley "Means", to Rattle Snake Canyon, To Pioneer Town,back down Pipes Wash to the Cross the 247 And ride the big Wash to Giant Rock and Back to Camp.We started this little jont at 10am With a 6 pack of beers and a few bottles of water in the back pack and got back to camp about 7pm.This was definitly the longest ride she has done.She did very good.Since she was my only riding partner that day,you'll see alot of her here.

This was the first stop after we hit the Telephone pole at the 247.
The Stallion of Course.

No Human Grazing.

Is POSING considered standing???
Nice RR!!! Apparently I'm gonna have to strap the VHOLDR to the bike!!! Course, it's gonna be....all pavement......and ........basically my commute to work....

Nevermind :lame: