Quick help needed- powervalve

So this may be a really obvious question, but what do i know, this is my first time opening up a 2t. Anyway, took off my right side powervalve cover, and this is what i found. Just making sure this is looking right, it's all covered in oil, and kind of smells like exhaust. It just doesn't look right to me. I noticed that when i took the cover off, the bolts weren't even very tight..made me think the gasket wasn't doing it's job. Who knows..anyway, how does this look to you? Good? Bad? Anything would help.

Bike is a '94 CR125. Thought i'd post in general to get more views..
if it were me i would slowly take it apart taking account of how it came apart, clean it up a little, wipe out some of the spooge and look for wear/damage, if there is none, put a little 2t oil on the stuff and put it back together and torque everything to spec

A little piece of mind never hurt :thumb: