Quality time with my daughter - FAIL!

No - despite my wife's abhorrence for motorcycles she's totally cool - she actually thinks the one-on-one time and the confidence / motor skills my daughter develops on a bike is good for her. So I've got to give her a lot of credit.

We've got a lot of history of near fatal motorcycle accidents in both of our families, so they're not my wife's favorite things. The fact that she's willing to tolerate my garage full of them is huge!

Kaiah isn't detoured either - she's ready to get back to it~! :thumb:

On a separate note - The 110 fired up first kick last night :noidea:

Props to Mom :thumb: double props to Kaiah:thumb::thumb:
Don't think I wasn't waiting for the kill switch or the gas to be off or something stupid like that. I've kicked my 650 until my leg fell off before only to realize that I turned the gas off (not on) :foul:

I don't know what the problem was - don't think it was overheated either. It took me close to an hour to get my truck and retrieve the bike and it still wouldn't fire. I'd like to figure it out before the damn thing strands me again in the middle of nowhere...