I think this would definitely qualify as "off topic." We (wife and I) are looking to purchase a new printer for the house. Been shopping. Kind of on overload now. We are looking at purchasing a all-in-one printer. You know... prints, faxes and etc. Kind of narrowed it down to two... HP Premium and a Epson 810. If you were to look at the reviews on line, not too great. Anyone got some suggestions or real world experience with printer that has been good to them and recommend it? Thanks.
It really depends on how you plan to use it. I have two printers. One laser black and white for daily use. It's a low end model that was around $100. Another ink jet for color. Neither get used much.

The ink jet is a canon mp250 I think. Got it for free with a camera purchase. Our old inkjet was toast so it was a timely purchase. It's an all in one, but no fax. Not a biggie since we have one of the internet fax services and only send a few faxes a year anyhow. The downside of that printer is expensive ink, but it does print quite well.

Reviews are good to look at, but realize that some will complain about anything. Most printers these days print well. It's all about cost of printer vs. cost of operation.
My mom works for a printer company, called Okidata.....check em out :thumb: my mom has been in the printer business for like 20+ years(was at Brother, now Okidata) they have many MFP's(multi function printers) and since my mom gets to use what she sells I kinda know my way around a few things. We just gave one to our friends salon, I'll text my mom what the model was but it does a bunch of stuff. I'll keep you updated :thumb:

my mom said the best low cost printer they have is a MC360n MFP it's actually LED too, better than laser, and way better than inkjet probably over ur budget though at $600ish:noidea: