Powers MX 7/25/10

that is so awesome. Out here in expensive socal they rape us on prices... where i go at Barona its 25 a day but if you buy 4 tickets all at once you get 5 for 100. i havent gone but other places will make you pay a 1 time membership fee to be part of the "collective" or "co/op" for legal reasons because you cant sue a co/op you are part of. Then a daily fee on top of that. It kinda sucks but on the other hand they maintain the tracks very well. Some places have ambulances on stand by and there is always a crew of guys working.
Most tracks here in Michigan and Florida are $20-$25 to practice for the day so dont feel bad.
The place I practice at is $20 a year and $5 a day.:thumb:

i would go to the track way more often if i could get that price.

Even if its only for a hour or so in the morning. Its just that i cant justify paying 25 bucks for 1 hour on the track and going home. if i pay 25 im gonna ride till my body tells me to stop.
You all can quite :cry:ing now cuz my track is $35 and is only open three days a week and only at night . now its my turn to :cry:
What a cool dealership! Looks like hassle free, down home riding. I like that shot with what looks like a crop growing next to the track.:thumb: