post your favorite comedian!

i dont know if i can say i have a fav but one of the newest comedians that i think is funny as hell right now is Daniel Tosh

but i still like then old stand up like richard pryar , robbin williams and stuff from eddie murphys raw. that stuff is classic.

ohh and ron white still cracks me up.

Nothing beats eddies "raw" and "delirious".

Also, sam kinison, and fuckin JIM BREUER :thumb::moon:
i cant list thm all, my top few are larry the cable guy, katt williams, ron white, bill engvald, jeff foxworthy, jeff dunham, and a few misc. guys that are on "comedy central presents"
Without a doubt, the best comedian is Steven Wright with a close second coming to George Carlin. I have paid good money to see both! Cerebral comedy! You get? Huh? :prof:

I must say, Dennis Miller in the 80's almost made me piss my pants!

And the Three Stooges are just classic funny! They are totally a guy thing funny! Chicks don't understand them! :smirk:
well larry the cable is prolly all time favorite.......also rodney carrington....... i just recently seen some comedy by reggie watts.... he does like beats... and noises... its funny as hell
Ron White on executing criminals
* Cali - Granted stays of execution
* Texas - They've got an express lane

The Duke of Dirt on Bill Cosby advertising FORD cars..."Now aint that a bunch of bull shit...when's the last time you've ever seen a black man in the front seat of a Ford"???

I'm not racist, just thought that ws pretty funny. :prof:..:smirk:

Tehre are more just can't think of their names right now! :thumb: