Port Jefferson Denounces Negative Stereotyping of Motorcyclists

Thank Port Jefferson Mayor and BID President for Denouncing Newsletter

In response to the outcry of riders and American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) members, the New York Village of Port Jefferson mayor cancelled the last Business Improvement District (BID) meeting to address concerned riders about a BID newsletter that asked local businesses to ban the "unsightly presence of motorcyclists" from Main Street.

The mayor and BID president quickly denounced the BID newsletter and cancelled a monthly BID meeting in favor of a question and answer session with motorcyclists. The AMA has sent the mayor and BID president a thank you letter, acknowledging their efforts to clarify the negative stereotyping of motorcyclists. To see a copy of AMA's letter, click here.

The AMA encourages riders to also thank the mayor and BID president for being receptive and listening to the riding community's concerns. A prewritten e-mail is available for you to send immediately by following the "Take Action" option and entering your information. The AMA strongly encourages riders to personalize the prewritten message, especially if you attended the April 6 meeting. If you would like to participate in the Village Parking Committee's efforts to locate motorcycle parking, utilize this opportunity to offer yourself as a resource and get involved in the process.

The riding community has received an unprecedented number of attacks. This situation is only one example out of many that occur around our country on a daily bases. The outcome is a victory for motorcyclists. Public acknowledgment of wrongdoing and now open efforts to work on establishing motorcycle parking are proof that getting involved to protect the motorcycle lifestyle can and does make a difference. Getting involved to protect your ride is easy. To find a list of suggested volunteer efforts to help protect the future of motorcycling, click here.