Piston Price Differences


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No difference. Just a greater profit margin to help them pay for lighting, heating, storage, and the mostly useless employees! Dealerships have to make money somehow... and I'm sure not buying new dirtbikes... :smirk:
-BIG DAN:thumb:

They want $269 at chaparral for my piston and rings.
I found them for $140 on ebay NOS (new old stock)
I would buy the vertex(forged, exactly the same as oem).... They are the most common replacement for ktm rfs,

I would buy a Wiseco before I would buy that Vertex or OEM. The Vertex is made from 2618 alloy (not sure about OEM but probably the same) and the Wiseco is made from 4032 alloy if I'm not mistaken. The 4032 alloy has a higher silicon content than the 2618, so it has better dimensional stability and better wear resistance.