Other Pics of your yami :)



How do you guys think the handgaurds look?
I like them for because they keep rocks from flying into my hands but my Dad says it makes my bike look like Bullwinkle the moose :picard:
I'm sensing a 94(ish) showdown :prof:
almost everything on my bike is original. except for the new top end, clutch lever i broke and the spokes i snapped which led to the decision of me powder coating my rims and hubs black:) gonna polish all the aluminum this weekend, including the swingarm if i have time:)
here is mine its a 03 yz250f i am deciding to keep the bike, tear it down and do a few upgrades to race prep it for desert racing season. :) what all should i get for it? i was thinking suspension, hand guards, gearing, desert tank.

bike1.jpg bike2.jpg