to brag a bit here. I was one proud Dad last night. My oldest graduated high school, with honors. I have to say I did shed a tear. First boy in the family in three generations to walk the stage. I never made it, nor my brother or Dad. He is off to college in the fall. I may be losing my riding partner, but the world is gaining one damn fine young man.

Here he is taking a peak back at his family and giving us a small wave at the end of the ceremony.


Okay... back to our regularly scheduled program...
Good job on raising a fine young man....I know what you mean about losing a riding partner. My son has been gone now for almost a year in Chile and will not be back until next August 2011. I am left trying to ride with all the yahoos on here until he gets back..

Tell your son good luck in school. My son will be off to college when he returns in 2011..