All Pappi n Harrits Saturday or Sunday.

Sorry, but I won't be riding this weekend either. Been working on a project at home for the last couple weekends and I need to finish it up.
Im workin Sat and I have some flooring to put down in one of our bedrooms so looks not good for me. I had to measure a roof in PT this week weather was great. Alittle wind but Temp was under 70. Im sure it will warm up by Sat.
Gotta be likeing the mid May weather when you can sneak out.:smirk:

The Beach is normally cold this time of year.:moon:
Looks like Rhino Roof Chris are going. Means Lake bed At first camp spot on the left going in or 3rd wash rossing. 8:am unloading/riding.
I'll post a short one up later.Tired today. Gps loop looks cool.Took some pics of that too.It was a big loop.72 miles.