Pro Pala Raceway

The Pala Raceway motocross round is going to be live on Speed tomorrow at 6 P.M. Central time with the 450s then followed by the 250s. Get your timers set :thumb:
my ankle is feeling great so i think im gonna end up going to the track...will be my first national i ever attended as a spectator :rocker:
I'm lucky to live within 2hr's of the High Point national and the Steel City national, I only made it to high point this year, you'll have a great time Trav, and the Pro's make it look way tooo easy, wish I could get some of that suspension they have
i decided on not going... healing up and not being on my feet all day is more important to me... i want to be able to ride ASAP so im still gonna chillax instead of going.
Well that sucks, don't forget moto 1 is on

yea it kinda does... im a little bummed i am not going but it will cost jsut over 100 bucks for my family and i to go and that is a nice chunk towards new boots. Also healing is more important to me.. im sure it will be crowded there and i know im not getting parking right up close so thats a lot of walking i dont need to be stressing my ankle out on.


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after watching it on TV im glad i didnt go.... would have been rough walking around in the heat and all those hills.
Yeah I don't blame you, not to mention you get a lot better view on TV, along with a commentary. :ride: