"Over my head"

I stole the thread title from big dan.....but it is something that's on my mind today.
Getting ready to takeoff to Moab this week, been watching youtube videos of the trails up there, WOW!:shocked:
I got back into riding almost 6 years ago. I have never raced, but would guess I am a C level rider?
Started out 6 years ago with a 250, riding close to the truck, maybe 20 miles out in the desert is all I would go.
Found the mountains, loved it and started riding further.
Realized I shouldn't ride alone on some of the trails so I started meeting people to ride with.
Now I'm going to Moab to meet a guy who runs a bike rental/guided tours biz to talk about starting a bike biz in Costa Rica...:banana:
I've told him I would love to ride with him, but exposure is (one of) my weakness(es). His buddies will be there too, they're talking about epic rides, lowering bikes down waterfalls with ropes, carrying 2+ gallons of extra gas, lights needed for the return......

I know that the way to be a better rider is to push yourself to try new things, but I also want to come home alive and well!

Maybe it won't be as bad once I'm on my bike, but I got nervous watching some of these vids;

Anyone done some of the harder trails there? Easier than they look?:rolleyes:
:shocked: These trails look a bit more technically challenging than I personally would want to ride my bike on. The first video looks more like a hiking trail. :thinking: I need more time to watch these all the way but the first few minutes look a bit intimidating. :devil: I like to get my bike out of first gear and not worry about falling off a cliff. :ride:
I was at "pucker factor 5" and that was 30 seconds into the first video...:shocked:...:faint:...go ahead, call me a wooooozy but I'm like 530, give me some wide open country so I can stretch my legs (at least get into 3rd)...:banana:
I wanna dip my balls in it! That looks super fun and just my style right there. I need to get a trails tire on the DRZ and go rip some of that up this year.:ride:
:shocked: That is awesome. I'm using that this weekend. I am hitting FMOH one day. My brother-in-law lives by there, but he will not ride it so I will have to find a tour guide or hit myself. I'll take my son.
I have made about 3 different trips to moab and not all of it is as bad as 5 miles of hell, if its your first year there I would not advise riding it.
Try Hell's Revenge, Gemini Bridges, Fins and things, in moab, theres countless trails, and you can get a free trail guide at the Moab Diner that will give you a rating for each trail, Poision Spider and Golden Spike is a good hard ride! :thumb:
heres some pictures of me from a few years back






(see first pic)

Here is a little insight, IMHO, some of us would love to ride (Dip our balls in) those trails for sure. Lots of stuff looks in either direction (hard and easy). Extreme fun can be had on easy trails and hard technical trails, it all depends on the rider. I would love to hit up some of that stuff, but no way on my TE450 pig of a bike. The last video with the YZ and desert tank would be a nice choice for first video as well as the video he was in.
Looking into being a tour guide is awesome. Remember, you will get all types of people that "think" they can handle a ride but fall way short of even leaving the drive way. You will need to do extreme and laid back guides, one, two and three day adventures and have an easy way out if a rider runs into trouble. I would love to have that freedom to set up guides. I hope it all works out for you, that will be way cool. Costa fucking Rica is just awesome for a place to set up something like that. Wish I could hit Moab one of these days.


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Oh yes. I would ride any of those trails.
You can do it. Slow and steady in new terrain, and dedication when you know you need it.
The first 2 videos look like fun. The last one looks like my kind of ball busting trail. Intense.

There is no shame in having a spotter or someone there to assist you when the consequence of failure is death.
-BIG DAN:thumb:
:shocked: Ummmm...yea....pucker!

I wish I could ride some of that stuff. Dont think I ever will. I do plan on getting to Moab one day. And hopefully Costa Rica to ride with you once you get it all set up and figured out.

My bucket list is BIG. Moab is realistic and Costa Rica a little less, both are at the top of the list.

This is exciting for you Baja. I look forward to hearing all about it. Make sure you have the camera ready with back up everything so we can be there with you. I look foward to the report!:thumb:

Safe travels!
My only problem is alot of times if you go down you must turn around and go back. :lol: Down is easy get back out could be tricky. I would definitly but running a trials tire.