Ordered my new tire

Old one, d803.



I got a mt43 for the new one
Your old tires have way more meat on them then I have on mine. I normally change mine out after my buds say about a dozen times.. looks like you need a new tire... LOLOLOL..
Whats the MT43? Soft, hard or intermediate
The MT 43 (DOT approved BTW), is touted to be the best of both worlds, i.e., the softness of a trials tire but much harder sidewalls than the typical trials tire. I am putting one on my bike this weekend. A couple of friends have tried them. One of the complaints is that it doesn't want to slide around the corners on hard packed ground (desert) like a regular knobbie (Ask KTMRack about this). It also doesn't like heavy mud or deep sand too much either. But it grips like nothing else. :prof:

Not like I have researched this either huh?:lol: