Onelugnut and KTMJoe piute ride

Here is a quick vid of one of the trails we rode. If I look slow it's because I was:rolleyes: It was my first ride in a few months and I was pacing myself!! There is no telling what kinda trails KTMJoe was going to throw at me today:prof: We ended up with 48 miles today, I was ready to be done around the 35 mile mark:cry: Thanks KTMJoe for another good ride:hail:

Here is a couple of shots I took with my iphone. I need to find a good camera to carry. One that is fast to start up and can use gloves with.
Whats up with thoes orange bikes they sure need to lay down a lot:smirk:



Ya ya. I ordered a new mount for the handle bars so I can tell if it is on or not:prof: I don't remember seeing any vids from you two butt heads:smirk:
Beautiful riding area!
Thanks, for sharing. Now I've seen one more place I want to ride in California :ride:
Now I just need a guide:wink: oh,:doh:first I need my bike fixed again. Sigh....

BTW...Who cares how fast your going. I dont. If your going too fast you miss a lot on the trail. Personally, if I have never been on a trail before Im going to ride it slower AND check things out. That is half the fun! Not that I ride granny mode all the time, but sometimes it is just nice to cruise. Nice video:thumb:
If you want to be able to have good riding opportunities up in the Piutes you need to participate in the Travel Management process that is being kicked off with a meeting in Kernville on Oct 7 at 6pm. The old plan had them closing about 80% of the riding up there. That would be a horrible outcome. With the fire in the summer of 2008 the process was delayed. I have a feeling that they will now want to close even more. We can't let that happen.

Get involved or lose out even more.
Thanks! Glad to see there's something left up there besides charcoal. :thumb:

Carl, don't bother with complaining. Move to the dark side........ :devil: