One huge sinkhole!

Hurricane seasons begins early:
Kills scores in Guatemala, creates 200' deep sinkhole

i had only seen the one aerial view pic yesterday. That is so crazy looking.

on the + side the world just gained a new base jumping spot :smirk::banana:


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do you think the earth filling in where it is missing oil?:thinking:
:lol: You know I've always wondered what happens to the voids from all the crude oil that's pumped out. However this is Guatemala, don't think they have oil. I believe they said it was caused by the ground being over saturated with water (Rain :thinking:). But where did all this dirt go, we aren't talking about just 2 dump truck loads here?
:shocked: wow!!! dude that looks so much like it's a bad photoshop job but i guess not huh? damn!!! that's just :shocked: i don't even know what to say :noidea: wow... crazy...