old TT guy, new to DBA!

hey guys,

I am Michael Martin, I'm 15 years old and I ride a 07 kx450. I live in Tucson, AZ and i race the AMRA Off-road racing series. I'm not much of an MXer. Finally, i was able to get back on my bike after a crash at a mx track; i broke my collar bone, few ribs and minor head injury. Right now, i don't have a truck/car because i am not old enough, but i am hoping to get a Chevy Express 2500 extended. So if anyone here is in AZ and interested in getting rid of a van, PM me. Anyways, I am a sophmore and i maintain pretty good grades; just A's and B's. If I don't have A's and B's, i can't race.

Sorry guys, I am not the best at giving Intros about myself. If any of you have questions, ask away! Also, if you guys would like, I can post up some pics if requested.