Old Race Pics

wait till someone digs up the real camp fires story thread or the lawn chair thread...:smirk: jaayyy jaaayyy ssonnn sonnn jaayy jaaayyy sonnnnss sonss :lol: reminds me of someone digging up an old horror movie

Someone new that does not know the history. :lol:
Digging in the archives. Rack, sent me a picture of dude racing back in '99 and I said a I have a picture similar to that and found it on this thread.

While doing that, I ran across these two pics and thought I would throw them up here.

Both pics are from 1993:

Getting ready in the pits before the race started....
Wow!, hair, thin, young, bright colors and a shinny scooter...Still have shinny scooters and the colors, but the hair is gone and the waistline expanded...:smirk:
image (11).jpeg

This is CDA Jr getting ready to head out to the start line with Pops. He loved going to the races with me.
image (1).jpeg
OK, here is another addition and here is a story for you:

Year was 1993 and the bike is a '93 KX500 with some motor work done by FMF :jawdrop:. This was a team race where we had 2 45 mile loops and I did one of the loops twice and my partner did the other. We could ride the same bike or separate. We chose to ride our own steads. So my partner started because he normally is stronger off the starts then me, and I am stronger at the end of races so we thought that would work to our advantage.

Well it must of been one of those days, where my partner was off and I was on. He started the race and I got word that he did a sweet over the bars at the end of the Bomb Run. When he collected himself and brought the bike in, we were outside the top 50 overall. He came in and did the tag your it and I yelled "nothing but a trail ride" and cruised on out of the pits. Once I got out on the trail, I started to click off gears and get into a rhythm. I was passing guys and having a good time. I brought the bike in after my first 45 and tagged in my partner. My Wife tells me we are now running 22th overall....:thumb: Sweet!

So the bikes start to roll in and I am waiting and waiting.....nothing. Here he comes, bike all waded up and we are down to 32th overall. I take off and on the gas again. I get about 2 miles out and I see this Honda CR500 in front of me and it looks familiar. As I get closer it is my buddy who is running in the Open Intermediate class. I get up on him and start yelling and he turns around and sees me and pins it. I was like "sweet. let's have some fun". I start pushing him and yelling and hollering at him. We are passing guys like crazy now. We have about 4 miles to go and I know where the trail is going to jump out on this rock littered road and I do not want to get pelted by rocks so I need to make my move on him.

I get off the trail and start flying through the bushes and right at the last second I hit the embankment and fly in the air passed him and drop in the road right in front of him and pin it. I know he is getting blasted by rocks from my 500 back tire. I navigate a technical section and hit the open valley coming in to the finish. I look over my shoulder and I can see he is still back there, but I have a cushion and let it fly into the finish banners.

Everyone comes up to me and asked "Where the hell did you come from?" I said "why?" "Well you just finished 15th overall and 5th in class." I was like "Sweet". Just then my buddy Corey pulls up and he is wiped out. He takes off his helmet and is chewing me out for riding so damn fast and pushing him so hard. He takes off his gloves and both hands are bleeding from being blistered up. He said he has never rode that fast in his life. My wife finally tells him to "quite crying like a bitch, you just won and overalled the intermediate class." He finished 16th overall and 1st in class and first intermediate. The next Intermediate to finish was back in 23rd overall! He shut up after that and had a huge smile on his face and looked at me and said, "I will never ride that fast again."

Anyways here is a picture from out on the course as we were getting ready to jump over the train tracks off of Trona Road.


Here are the results from the race and you can see us in 15th and my buddy Corey, right under neath. And then nothing but experts after that.


I just now noticed Danny Hamel on this list, way cool. :thumb:
I just now noticed Danny Hamel on this list, way cool. :thumb:
Yup. Lines up many of races next to him. Spent a handful of times hanging out before and after races as well. He was an awesome, talented young man. Another one that left too soon.