ok, long "which bike" thread... i'm clueless...


ok guys... i need to sell my bikes for finacial reasons but i've been looking for something new for a while anyways. I started out on a 1999 Yamaha WR400 and now on a 2007 Yamaha WR450 so i'm used to having a big grunt bike but in racing grand prixs and glen helen's GYTR races i've been wanting something lighter.

when the 300 2t KTM came out with the electric start i wanted in bad but now i'm leaning towards a 200 since a few of the pro's have been racing it. I asked myself today though... Why not just get a 250 2t yammi and stay blue? Do the pros just ride orange cause of the money or are they a better bike?

also here's the kicker... i'm hopefully going to get hired for a job thats about 30-45 min drive from my house and was thinking about just getting a plated 450 or 525 KTM so i could ride to work and hit trails year round too and even ride to the track when i wanted too. But will it last commuting?

i've never ridden a 2t but in my racing thats what seems to be working the best... i've ridden a 250 4t mx'er and didnt' like it cause of having to be on the gas all the time and it being so light but after 6 or more hours on a track i'm sure i'd love it! I also need to have a light or be able to hook one up for when i do the 12 and 24 hours...

any advice would be great... i know i probably should just get a smoker and a R1 street bike but i'd probably kill myself both ways... Oh and i'm 5'6" 200#'s (working on the weight)
Hmm :thinking: you could always look at a KTM 250 smoker... the 200 is a peppy little bike, almost like a mini 300. Really good luggability and a good amount of power, but not overwhelming at all. The 250 will be the most brutal out of all of them with the big smoker hit, the 300 will be more like the 200 but with a LOT more power EVERYWHERE. You can get yourself into trouble quick with a sloppy throttle hand on a 300 :smirk: I'd like to say keep street and dirt separate, but that's just my personal views. High performance RFS engines aren't made to last, plain and simple. With a few gearing changes you could make it a bit less strenuous on the engines, but a 450, or in KTM's case 525, is no DR-Z or XR. Maintenance will probably catch up eventually. Can't really recommend anything as far as street goes because I have no experience there, maybe Race will be able to point you in the right direction, as long as his lawn chair is facing the same way :smirk:
I really like YZ 250's they're awesome bikes, but from what you described you need a bike for I would go with a KTM 300 they have all the lighting stuff you would need to add extra lights they now have E-start like you said and that bike flat out rips I had one back in 03 and it was quick you almost have to ride it like a 4t, thats where I was making mistakes and trying to ride it like all of my 250 2 strokes
thanks guys,

yeah the more i think about it the 300 will be my best bet cause your not the only one thats said ride it like a 4t... me never riding a 2t should be a good combo :thumb: i wonder if i could swing getting a plated 300 in cali :thinking: