Ok, I'll do it again...

Hi, I'm Tokwan (gramps) and I am 50 years old.
Born and raised in Malaysia. Living in the state in Kedah, but working in the state of Penang... I commute +-100 km a day to and fro work.
KTM Rack dragged me here...telling me he will supply me a years worth of bike spareparts if I joined DBA.
I have been riding for the past 35 years, and at this moment, I own a Kawasaki KLX 250 H model (2007) for my trailing needs and also a 2008 Kawasaki Versys 650 for my touring needs.
I am married with 2 children.
If u need to know anything about Malaysia...just ask.
By the way, don't believe everything that Milk , Natrualedge and WTS tells ya..I am a nice guy...hahahahahaha
TWS, I may be Malay of origin, but in my school exams, I always sored higher in English than in my native language...so if my English sucks, u shud see my mother language...hahahahaha