Yes it is time to ask the age old question about oil again.

Looking at switching over to Rotella. However, which one? Conventional or synthetic. I looked at Wally World and didn't see synthetic. Or I just can't read... Any input on Rotella... Hell, you people have an opinion on everything else around here. :smirk::smirk::smirk:
I just run the conventional 15W-40 stuff. The syn is 5W-40. I know that the 15W-40 now has the JASO-MA wet clutch motorcycle rating. I think the syn does as well.
I use whichever Chevron/Mobil/Castrol/Shell 15w-40 diesel-spec conventional oil has the lowest price when I need to buy some. :smirk: I might get some T6 just to have if I can find a good price.