Amatuer Ohio Indoor AX, MX, SX

Well, its about that time (NO NOT THAT TIME :shocked:), the outdoor tracks are closed and the indoors are finally open. This will be the first year i get to hit up the AX tracks and I'm excited. :banana: Any of you guys that ride very often at any of the ohio tracks care to hit up any of the indoors this winter I'm sure my dad and I could go up the same day to ride. We usually go for about 5 hours on avrage. The reson I bring this up is because in addition to Ram Jam SX and NEMX getting totally rebuilt, a new track (BC's indoor track) went up and looks kick ass! I hope to plan to go riding at least every 2 weeks but you all know how stuff changes. Anyhow just throwing this out there!
Thanks Caleb!

Yes, heres the main ones AX SX (so it said on planet rider) MX

Videos- these are some of the best I can find, the tracks have changed though. NEMX Ram Jam SX Big horn indoor

Big horn has been going just since Nov. 3rd this year I think it was, yet the have already improoved their track to make it more suited for big bikes. The other thing I should bring up is they have Pit bike night every friday night :lol: