All Ocotillo Wells: Apr 2-3 2011

Jim W is hosting his first RIDERS event in Ocotillo Wells. Jim knows the area well and likes to do rides to Superstition Mountain.

Camp sport will be off Hwy 78... North of Blu Inn... Turn off Cahuilla Trail.

RSVP for more details.

the third is my birthday and the wife already asked what i want to do for and of course i said :ride: ... thinking about meeting up with you RIDERS for this... the only thing im sketched about is i was in OW for 4 days last April with PBK and it was so hot that after day 2 we said screw this and drove to the river.
Well Apr is end of the season... and it can get hot... depending on the weather that week and how you handle heat really. Use the weather forecast on our site for OW weather as the dates approach.