Noob From SoCal

Howdy all :thumb: Kyle sent me....hope that's OK :smirk:

I started riding in the early '90s and attended many Dual Sport events throughout the decade.I had a bad crash a few years ago so I had to slow down some.I still get out and ride the hills and trails around the Santa Clarita Valley although not as fast as before.
We go out to Cal City a couple of times a year to camp & ride in the desert,my grandaughters enjoy that.
I ride an '88 XR600 and really enjoy it.I have a couple of other bikes as well..'83 XR350,'94 XR100,'04 Yamaha PW80 and an '07 110 Chinese Quad(don't remember the name,couldn't spell it anyway lol)

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I'm the old bald guy :lol:

I also like to do this..

Anyway,glad to be here :cheers:

Its about time... I had the oxygen waiting for ya.. I know its hectic going from one website to another at your old age :devil:

Welcome bud... Have some roost
Welcome aboard. This is a great place to vent, learn or just be you. You and I ride the same areas up by CC. Maybe we can hook up sometime. :thumb:
Welcome to DBA, put your boots up and stay awhile....crap someone already said that....:thinking:

have some welcome roost...crap someone already said that too...:thinking:

Welcome to the, I can't use that, that's Travs...:thinking:

ah chit I got nothing i guess.:smirk:

anyway :wave: