Intake No Toil Products Review

Parts Tested - No Toil:

  • Superflow kit
  • Air box cover
  • Air box cleaner
  • Filter cleaner
  • Filter oil
  • Rim grease
  • Regular No Toil air filter

Superflow Kit - This air filter and cage combo may as well be nominated best air intake system of the year. I didn't believe at the start a fancy fireproof air filter and a mesh wireless filter cage could do anything more than give you braggin rights, but boy was I wrong. The filter came pre oiled and ready to go. Typically in cold conditions my bike doesn't want to start, from 40 kicks with choke to 3 kicks choke and she was purring. She warmed up faster and was ready to head out immediately. Once I was on the track and going I couldn't help but notice the FI like throttle response, you twist, it goes, no hesitation what-so-ever! It delivered more power, faster anytime I needed, and when I tell you that you could clear a 20 double, with 5 feet before the ramp from 0 mph, I'm not lying. This product gets 6 stars out of 5, no doubt.

Regular Air Filter - These filters are great! I have used them in the past and have absolutely loved everything about them. The biggest thing is that the glue bonds are so strong, you can rip and pull as hard as you want and I'd bet you that you couldn't tear it. The filters are reliable, durable, and receive a 4 out of 5.

Airbox Cover and Cleaner - I have always had trouble getting my airbox clean enough to pride myself on, but this system does it. You can buy the cleaner, cover or both at the same time. You simply put the cover on like any old air filter. It's plastic and has a rubber edge to seal up the hole leading to the carb. After it's on nice and tight, spray the cleaner all over the inside of the air box, let it sit 5 minutes, and wipe up with a rag or old towel, no water needed. You get a good, safe, clean airbox withing minutes. How well it works is incredible! Once it's all done and clean, take off the cover and pop in your filter,and I guarantee that you will like it once you try it. I give the cleaner 4 out of 5 and the cover 5 out of 5.

Filter Cleaner - Oh my god is this stuff amazing! Take a small handful of the powder and throw it in a bucket with warm water, work it for 30 seconds and it comes out like new, no dirt, no oil, no grease, no pain. Ring out your filter and let it dry in the garage or take you mother's hair dryer to it like me :devil: This stuff is freakin magical! Better yet, you can use the old water to water your lawn, this stuff is completely bio degradable and environmentally safe. Not only does it make cleaning air filters fun, but I believe everyone who comes across it should at least try it one time and they will be hooked! Pass it on to your friends (if you have any) because I give this product another 6 outta 5!

Rim Grease and Regular Oil - I have always been against oil in a bottle, for no apparent reason, but this stuff is great. It's nice and easy to use, and effective! You get a clean, even coat of oil all the way through your filter. It's easy to use, cheap and reliable. It catches every little evil, hell bound dust molecule and traps it before it can ever get the chance to ruin your engine. The oil receives 4 out 5.
As for the rim grease, it too is easy to use and effective. The thing I liked the most, from moving up from automotive lithium grease is that it doesn't make near the mess! This stuff is cheap, easy to use and again, like all the other products, effective. I loved it! If you don't mind the grey out-of-the-tube color, you will dig this stuff. 5 out of 5 no doubt!

Overall Review - No Toil Industries defiantly cares about their customers, and spends every waking moment trying to find something to make you life easier, with, well, NO TOIL! Every product I tested, I guarantee quality. I have never been so happy with one company. Their service and products receive 5 out or 5 hands down. I will recommend them to anyone, anytime, any place.

Pics of testing!








I tested the Regular Filter, Classic Filter Oil/Cleaner, Air Box Cover, Air Box Cleaner, and Rim Grease.

Air Filter: I've never ran a No-Toil filter, always Twin Air, but now I think I'm going to make the change. I love it. It is very durable. It is dual staged which is a huge PLUS. I was very impressed with the quality of the filter. The only bad thing I did notice was for the first fit was a little small, that's where the grease helped my conscience of a good seal. After the first wash and re-oil, it fit great.

Rim Grease: This stuff is a great idea. Never could be sure of a good seal with just filter oil. I will continue use with any filter I run.

Filter Oil/Cleaner: All I can say is WOW!!!:shocked: This stuff is just incredible. I have never been able to wash my air filter in my SINK. The oil gets pretty tacky, and catches a lot. I tested on a sandy track and it caught it all. I will most definitely always use this system. The only down fall is that the oil takes a minimum of 5-6 hours to set up.

Air Box Cover: I love this product, also. It makes me feel better about washing my bike with the pressure washer. I would recommend to any dirt-bike owner. The only bad part was the seal kind of stuck to the air filter box, but simple fix. See attached photo.

Air Box Cleaner: This, in conjunction, with the Air Box Cover is perfect!!! My air box was dirty and nasty with filter oil so I sprayed the cleaner all around the inside of my air box and waited 45 seconds to a minute. That's a little longer than what they say, but no harm. After the allotted time, I wiped away the cleaner and it was like brand new. I love it.:banana:

Thanks for reading guys. Hope this will help any decisions or questions you may have.
Ben, #111

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No Toil - Premium Air Filter

So I get a call a few months back and was asked if I would like to try out this No Toil product since I am an Old School guy and clean my filters by throwing them in washing machine and using duct tape to seal the filter to the air boot. I figured hey why not, send me some product. Well I was knuckle deep in 10mm and 12mm wrenches on Modding the TTR and work and school kept getting in the way, so the package of stuff just sat on the work bench.

So I have this girlie ride I am invited to this weekend by some guy who cannot seem to find 3rd gear and will not let it go that his 07 Lawn Chair is not going to make it back:devil:, so this is a good time to open the box of goods.
Here is what I find:

When I saw the tube of Rim Grease, I kept looking behind me, shut the garage door and never bent over while working on this project...:shocked:

Airbox Cleaner: I have to admit this is pretty good stuff. I would in the pass use Simple Green to clean out the airbox area. You just spray this in the box and by the time you go get a rag damp (as recommended) and come back it is ready to wipe out. I will say that I did not get a cool airbox boot like the others got :rant:, but I guess since I am "OLD", I just stuck a rag in the opening. As you can see from the pictures below, the airbox gets pretty dirty sitting on the stand all day in the Dez. It cleaned up pretty well. I will say that the chemicals in this stuff is pretty strong and would recommend having an open area to work in so you do not..:faint:

Air Filter: Once the box was clean it was time to install the new filter. I opened up the package and it said the filter was already treated with No Toil Filter Oil, so I did not need to do anything there. I was not very excited about how the filter wrapped around the filter cage. I run a UNI filter and it a much better fit when installing the cage in that filter. Once I worked on the filter a little, I got it seated pretty well.

Rim Grease: :shocked: Once the filter was wrapped around the cage, I puckered up my :moon: and opened the tube. I normally use a light duty marine grease to make a seal around the filter so it will seal up to the airbox boot, but I was pretty happy with the way this stuff was applied and stuck to the filter and the tube was handy for expensing the grease out.

Once this was done I installed it in the scooter and was happy with the seal I got once the screw was tightened up.

Once I slapped the seat back on, I rolled the bike out of the garage and gave her a kick. She lit up pretty quick for not being started in 6 months. I guess I will do a follow up on how it hangs after I get some seat time.

Filter Oil: Since this filter was already oiled, I used the filter oil on the TTR's filter. I was working on that scooter as well so I used it on the UNI filter that was in that bike. After shaking the product well as stated, I opened it up and thought I had some cool new pancake syrup. I poured it all over the clean filter and massaged it in. Covered pretty well and I noticed that I did not use that much of the product. After letting it dry for a few, I used the Rim Grease and installed it. I have used oil based products like this before and I am not a fan, so I normally use the spray type, but this is a pretty good product and will use it again.

Filter Cleaner: I did not use the filter cleaner yet, because the TTR filter just came out of the spin cycle with my managers whites:thumb: so it was nice a clean already. But since I could not find my rubber gloves:shocked: (where did I leave that rim grease) I used my hands to apply the filter oil. I read on the bottle that you can use the cleaner to get the filter oil off your hands, so I put a little hit in the palm of my hand and mixed with water from the garden hose it cleaned it right off. I did go in the house after that and wash with warm water and dish soap to get the cleaner off.

So there you have it. I will know more about how well the filter holds up to my harsh stand sitting conditions and will update when I tear it down and inspect.

I will say that No Toil has some pretty good products and it makes it easy to pull maintenance on the filters. I would recommend the product to anybody to try and you should since No Toil hangs out here on DBA and gives us support.:thumb:

Big thanks to No Toil and Shorty (James) for hooking this old school old guy up with this cool product.


Staff member
I've been using the No Toil oil/cleaner system since I started riding. And like others have said, cleaning your filters with this system is effortless.

Ok so here's my dirty filter that's (thankfully) been oiled with No Toil oil.

**I bought this filter back in June 30, 2008 and it's still holding up**



As you can see, no dirt got through.


The filter sitting in warm water and No Toil Cleaner solution, it's best to let them soak for a little bit. (I didn't submerge the filter all the way, so I could take a picture)


After its first dunk.


And finally after it's complete "bath" and rinse.


The No Toil Air Box Cleaner was something I'd never tried until now, have to say that I'm pretty impressed with the ease of it. Basically hose it down with the Air Box Cleaner and let it sit while you go find yourself a towel/rag. After its "soaked" for a bit wipe it off and presto, you now have a clean air box. But like CDA mentioned, make sure to do this outside or in a heavily ventilated area as the fumes are very strong.


No toil filter and filter accessories

Well, I have been very skeptical about oil and filter cleaner in liquid form but im truly impressed :thumb: I installed the powerflow kit in my crf450r with a drilled air box and put in a hard day of turning left, by the end of the day the filter was black :foul: so I uninstalled the filter and cage and took a look. The inside of the filter was still its original color :shocked: and not a spec of dirt had gotten thru. The Powerflow kit gives the bike amazing throttle response, so good that I high sided because I was not expecting the instant response. I do not believe that the power flow kit adds 7hp (or what no toil states) but I do notice a 2 or 3 hp difference. Overall I HIGHLY recommend the No toil powerflow kit, No toil Evolution filter oil and No Toil filter cleaner.