Nitrous CR500

Heres the condesned build from start to finish....

I am a complete cheap fuk so all my toys are a mix match of parts I picked up cheap and used :) :thumb:

Heres my old 1987 from 5-6 years ago. :ride:


I pulled the motor and parted the rest then slapped it in a 2000 rolling chassis I picked up cheap...:tee:

A few days of wrenching later...:Drive:


I ran her like that for a couple of years and then one day a buddy of mine hit some hard times and I aquired his $1800 port job top end for $400, it is ported for dunes/hillclimbing....:banana:


She was running perfect just a little down on compression, I pulled the head and found this :( .....


After more wrenching I found the bottom end was toast, the crank had play and a dog snapped off in the tranny and pretty much ruined everything, it was amazing it still ran awsome!

I managed to pick up a 1989 CR500 off craigslist for $300, the guy said it hadnt ran in 3 years and wouldnt start, I got it home and figured fuk it im gonna kive it a kick, it fired 3rd time and ran perfect.


I pulled the motor and sold the rest.

Heres the 89 bottom end with the ported/polished top end....


Thats when the bug for more power came, I got a cold fusion wet kit and went at it....



It took a lot of headscratchin to figure out a way of mounting and hiding everything....

Airbox crammed with the solenoid relay, fuel pump relay and fuel pump...






Throttle WOT switch...


Battery mounted in seat...


Added a tank petcock..


I ran a teathered kill switch as an ARM, when I come off it kills the whole system.

I ran her like this for a season

It was fast as hell but verging on uncontrollable, it would try to flip over constantly :eek::eek::eek:

Towards the end of last season I hit it with a 45 shot and after 2-3 runs made a bad bad noise and blew the headgasket, when I pulled the head I found this....



So I called the original porter and had him bore the motor .025 over and machine me a new piston, he also machined the head for bigger studs and cut the barrel for more compression.

The stock hed studs are torqued to 23ftlbs, with the big nitrous shots it just lifed the head, with the newer bigger studs I torque it to 45ftlbs.

Old vs new...


All blingy and ready to roll...


Buttoned up :congrats:


First fire up :beer::beer::beer::beer:

I then got some extensions from 1995 hillclimber and slapped them on to make it more controllable...


And finally a few weeks back got some new plastics and a seat cover :)




So to sum it up shes a 1989 bottom end, 2001 ported top end and a 1995 swingarm with a cold fusion/daves nitrous kit :ride::ride::ride::ride::ride::ride:

Its the fastest meanest gnarliest thing Ive ever ridden or drove, it will pull 5th gear at 85+ up all the biggest sand dunes in dumont or glamis. To be honest it scares me every time I hit the button :cheers: