Electrical Night riding, the how to make stock lights better

First of all, throw it away, stock lights really suck!

Low beam.

High beam.

As you can see, they suck!
So here is what we are going to do. lets put some LED lights on, yes they do weigh a little more but they draw hardly anything. So, that means you do not need a new stator. We are going to use two of these spots, the shoot a beam 150' (ft) out. Separate switched.

I also used an 8 LED head light in place of the old double beam. al ready installed in the shell, direct fit.

You can also see I used some siccass LED turn signals on the outer portion of the head light shell.

So, i hung the spots off the old turn signal brackets (they only lasted two rides) I have since used aluminum angle stock.

Now comes the wiring two to one for the switch.

Some heat shrink and good to go.

So, now it looks like this in the front.