New to DBA

My buddy Mike Orndoff turned me onto this forum, looks pretty good. I've been involved with dual sport for over 20 years. Actually promoted dual sport rides in So Cal and up here near Bass Lake under the California Trail Rides banner. I'm the founder of the Orange County Dualies motorcycle club, the best dual sport club in the USA. Dualies have been involved in fundraising for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation (Ride for Kids) since 1995. I'm also responsible for the 2005 and 2008 On Any Sunday Reunions hosted by the Dualies and plan on having another on next year 2011, the 40th anniversary of the great movie.

I love exploring the Sierra National Forest and am a member of Stewards of the Sierra National Forest. We just held a two day fundraiser up here with a members only dual sport ride as a bonus. Great turnout and we raised some money to help fight the impending closures of many of our historic trails in the Sierra NF.

I'll be posting some pics here when I get a chance. Right now I'm working on my 19' Bayliner getting it ready to head over to Santa Cruz for a couple days fishing (my birthday present from my wife).

Looking forward to posting and reading about good rides. I have a XR650L that's my long range dual sporter (did the Continental Divide Ride on it in 2008) and a DRZ440 that's being worked on due to a locked up tranny. That's my trail machine.
Welcome Mediaguy :cheers: Sounds like you are one of the good guys that does your part to protect our sport. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your ride reports. Have a great time fishing. :thumb:
Welcome to forum of clowns.:smirk: