New Tires are almost better than

OMG LOVE my new tires!!! FINALLY got rid of my stock dunlop crap d759 whatevers, and been slide riding awhile on slickery baldy tires so I'd REALLY appreciate new ones...OMG the new ones are AMAZING! they grab and bite and slap and ... My hub took the bike out for the first ride, and says they're nice but they bounce around a lot, well no poop! you got them at 20# dear! :moon:He would only "let" me squirt them to 15#, cuz I'm GUARANTEED TO HAVE A PINCH FLAT ANY LOWER(not that I have ever ACTUALLY ever in my life HAD a pinch flat). So when he wasn't looking I smushed em to 12# (I prefer 10 in the mud/soft stuff). OMG to feel those tires squirrel and grip around like dang monkey feet! Freakin awesome! the next thing he wants to do is make my bike a 290. sounds like fun:thumb: Those tires were my presents for Christmas and my birthday.
I like having a little feel to my tires, if they are too hard I'm just not feeling the trail right--it's hard to explain. I run 12# in the rocks/roots too, unless they are sharp faced, but still, have never had a pinch flat. FLoat like a butterfly!:prof:
So what did ya get? If they're not the D759's? I run about 12-13lbs. almost always. 15lb. works better, less chance of hubby having to change YOUR tire :smirk: But now he:shocked: is probably reading this so now you may be changing the next one.
I thought this thread was like "you know your a DBA when..." As in new tires are better then...
old ones?
no tires?
your friends tires
a new purse?
a new hair cut?
a face plant?
They are Bridgestone, M203 n M204.

Yeah, well, he gets paid very well to change my tires, and with my wee lil hands I'm the one to slip the tube in and get the stem through the lil hole.


New tires are better than all those things you listed, and a lot more. And yeah, tire pressure is a personal thing:smirk: I just like a lil room to work mah magic!

THose Dunlops were fine on hard pack and rocks(they *are* hard terrain), but we get everything here, and they REALLY sucked in the slick or slooshy/sand etc.