New from the IE so cal

Welcome Rivethead242 from the IE (Inland Empire for all you Yahoos/non Cali riders). BS is what it is all about, but it is the good BS. Do a pre-run of the threads on here and you will know what I mean...:thumb:


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HEY!!!! WELCOME. You'll find DBA is just one big dance party!!!:banana:

Everyone else, This is John, one of my riding buddies in the Inland Empire!!!
-BIG DAN :thumb:

EDIT - Put up some pictures of your bike and your truck! people love that crap around here!
Welcome to DBA. What's your story? what you ride, where you ride? I assume you hang out with smokie aka Big Dan..don't worry, we won't hold that against you. :smirk:



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You know... Rivertucky :lol: :lol: :lol:
Now now. Lets get our regions straight.

Inland Empire is everything;
South of the SBNF
North of temecula
East of the 57
West of 29 palms

It incorporates parts of San bernardino and Riverside counties. Some happen to be rural horsetown, but mostly business districts mixed with residential. We're NOT ALL dirtheads...
-BIG DAN:thumb:
Oh, Oh. Oh. Pick me, pick me.....

IE= INLAND EMPIRE! You know... Rivertucky :lol: :lol: :lol:

Come on now...get it's FONtucky (Fontana)...Riverside's got it's own "special name" which can not be named on here! :naughty:

Oh yeah...welcome aboard the board..........
Shit, thanks for all the warm welcomes guys! I ride a 95 cr250 and drive a 04 4x4 Tacoma. I am not a speed junky, I'd rather be on some tight technical single track but settle for quad track a lot of the time.

When I lived in Port Orchard, WA I was a regular at Tahuya. When I lived in SD I was a regular out at Corral Canyon, and of course Ocitillo Wells. And now that I am up here in Ontario(IE-Inland Empire) you can find me out at Baldy Mesa with Dan(SRAD97750) and his brother, or up at pinnacles (arrowhead). If I am not off on the bike playing, you'll find me crawling over rocks in the truck. School has my nuts tied down pretty tight right now, so I am not finding myself out riding as much as I would like to. But thankfully I have a month break right around the corner! :ride: Getting ready to head off to Last Chance Canyon for a good 3sh day trip which I can not wait for!

Hoping to get a plated bike sometime in the future. Realistically once I am done with school. For now the ol' CR gets me where I point her wheels so I can't complain!

and some pictures of my junk: