New from AZ


By rynomx785 at 2010-09-23
Nice number. I run the same number, but since I am old, I have a zero in front...:smirk:

Ya my normal number is 785. I don't know why I switched but I will be going back to my old number. I guess it's because I ride a lot like Chad Reed. . . Only 7 times slower. lol I turned 25 this year so qualify for vet classes now which is kind of weird to think about.
Welcome RYNO! Give us some more details and pics!:ride::thumb:
Those are the only pics I have at the moment. It has a Ti-4 slip on, RG-3 valving, and black excels on black rad hubs. Other than that it's all stock. It's running like crap right now. I just bought everything to do the top end a few days ago. Need to to that and get the valves adjusted before dune season which is coming up pretty quick. I'm debating on throwing a aftermarket cam in it while it's apart but I rode a 06 with a stage 2 hot cam and I wasn't impressed at all so I'll probably just leave the stocker in there.